What lies past the Kuiper Belt is essentially mysterious. Astronomers hypothesize the existence of the Oort Cloud to account for the existence of long-period comets with eccentric orbits, however thus far, we have by no means really seen something that may definitively show its existence. Provided that the Oort Cloud is speculated to start at a whopping 2,000 AU from the solar, it is no surprise that we have not seen something. We’ve discovered clues, although. In 2004, a brand new class of object was discovered, floating within the icy gulf between the Kuiper Belt and the theorized Oort Cloud. Sedna (named for an Inuit goddess of the ocean) orbits the solar each 10,000 years. The closest it ever will get to the solar continues to be no less than twice as distant as Pluto, and it may possibly vary so far as 936 AU, the very restrict of what we take into account the Kuiper Belt (by way of Universe Right now).

Thus far, solely the New Horizons mission has been despatched to discover what lies past Neptune. Launched in 2006, it spent 9 years on its method to the Kuiper Belt, the place it took unprecedented pictures of Pluto and its moon Charon in 2015. 4 years and a billion miles later, it flew by Arrokoth, an icy rock unknown to science till it was found en path to Pluto. Though NASA is ready to increase the New Horizons mission, there aren’t any future missions to the Kuiper Belt deliberate.

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