InSight Pressure Data Recalibration, and Its Application to the Study of Long-Term Pressure Changes on Mars

a) Evolution of the ratio of MSL REMS stress measurements interpolated to the InSight touchdown website, and InSight stress measurements. Dots correspond to the ratio utilizing the interpolation methodology described in part 2.1, i.e., neglecting atmospheric dynamic results, throughout MY 34 (inexperienced), MY 35 (gray), and MY 36 (blue). b) Anomaly between the temperature of the GCM at an altitude of 1 km above the floor, and the temperature T∗ that provides a ratio of 1, as a operate of Ls(coloured curve) for MY 35. c) Comparability between InSight floor stress over a whole sol and MSL stress interpolated at InSight touchdown website between Ls= 275°and 280°, throughout MY 35. d) Extract of THEMIS picture V63417011 of Gale Crater (heart of the unique picture: 4.9°S;137.0°E ) taken at Ls= 130°, LTST = 7.2hr, with a photo voltaic incident angle of 74.5°. e) Extract of THEMIS picture V65575024 on the identical location, taken at Ls= 229°, LTST = 7.2hr, with a photo voltaic incident angle of 71.3°. The black arrow on e) factors to the suspected aerosols, whereas the pink arrows on d) and e) level to the identical crater for a comparability of the perceptibility of the bottom. White arrows level to the place of the Solar within the sky. – astro-ph.EP

Observations of the South Polar Residual Cap counsel a doable erosion of the cap, resulting in a rise of the worldwide mass of the environment.

We check this assumption by making the primary comparability between Viking 1 and InSight floor stress information, which have been recorded 40 years aside. Such a comparability additionally permits us to find out adjustments within the dynamics of the seasonal ice caps between these two durations.

To take action, we first needed to recalibrate the InSight stress information due to their surprising sensitivity to the sensor temperature. Then, we needed to design a process to match distant stress measurements. We suggest two floor stress interpolation strategies on the native and international scale to do the comparability. The comparability of Viking and InSight seasonal floor stress variations doesn’t present adjustments bigger than +-8 Pa within the CO2 cycle. Such conclusions are supported by an evaluation of Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) stress information.

Additional comparisons with pictures of the south seasonal cap taken by the Viking 2 orbiter and MARCI digital camera don’t show important adjustments within the dynamics of this cover over a 40 12 months interval. Solely a doable bigger extension of the North Cap after the worldwide storm of MY 34 is noticed, however the bodily mechanisms behind this anomaly will not be effectively decided. Lastly, the primary comparability of MSL and InSight stress information suggests a stress deficit at Gale crater throughout southern summer time, probably ensuing from a big presence of mud suspended throughout the crater.

L. Lange, F. Neglect, D. Banfield, M. Wolff, A. Spiga, E. Millour, D. Viúdez-Moreiras, A. Bierjon, S. Piqueux, C. Newman, J. Pla-García, W. B. Banerdt

Topics: Earth and Planetary Astrophysics (astro-ph.EP); Instrumentation and Strategies for Astrophysics (astro-ph.IM)
Cite as: arXiv:2209.13412 [astro-ph.EP] (or arXiv:2209.13412v1 [astro-ph.EP] for this model)
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Journal reference: Journal of Geophysical Analysis (Planets), vol.127, pp.e07190 (2022)
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