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Now we have some excellent news and a few much less excellent news from Mars. First, the excellent news. NASA’s Perseverance rover drilled and picked up its 14th rock pattern on the pink planet. Now the regarding information. There’s one thing occurring with the rover’s sampling system and it hasn’t been in a position to cap and seal the pattern tube.

On Tuesday, NASA tweeted an replace from the rover’s viewpoint, writing, “Over the weekend, I collected my 14th rock core, however I used to be unable to seal the pattern tube. The pattern is saved safely inside my caching meeting, however some work stays to determine cap and seal the tube.”

Perseverance is increase a Martian rock assortment that NASA intends to fetch and convey again to Earth for shut examine. The sampling course of entails coring out a pencil-thick piece of rock, putting it right into a tube and sealing the tube for safekeeping and to stop contamination. 

The rover has been gathering paired samples and researchers are significantly excited in regards to the rocks it is present in an historic river delta area of the Jezero Crater. Scientists have noticed indicators of natural matter in a few of these rocks, however it would take nearer, in-person examine to know if they could include proof of long-ago microbial life.

Percy had simply collected its fortunate thirteenth rock pattern and had no points with efficiently sealing and tucking it away. NASA pictures present each the thirteenth and 14th samples got here from close to one another.

It isn’t simple piloting a robotic roving laboratory on a distant, inhospitable planet. Troubleshooting comes with the territory. Perseverance has already handled pebbles and stringy thriller particles in its sampling system. The rover workforce has navigated Percy by way of all of its challenges to this point and can try to work by way of this newest glitch.

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