Saturn and Jupiter: Star chart: moon between dot of Jupiter on left and Saturn on right along green line of ecliptic.
Take a look at the trio of a brilliant waning gibbous moon between Saturn and Jupiter on the night time of August 12 and into the morning of August 13. Saturn reaches opposition on August 14. Chart by way of John Jardine Goss/ EarthSky.

The moon between Saturn and Jupiter

In a single day on August 12-13, 2022, the waning gibbous moon sweeps between two brilliant planets. They’re the most important two fuel giants, golden Saturn and brilliant Jupiter. Whereas Saturn is up all night time, Jupiter doesn’t rise till round 10 pm native time (the time in your clock wherever you’re around the globe). Additionally, they’ll be an excellent sight earlier than daybreak. So search for the trio – Saturn, the waning gibbous moon and Jupiter – alongside the ecliptic, the path that the solar and moon journey throughout your sky.

It’s fairly simple to differentiate Jupiter from Saturn, as a result of Jupiter is far brighter. But Saturn shines brilliantly as a +0.3-magnitude gentle, one of many brightest in our sky. Nevertheless, Saturn pales subsequent to Jupiter, the most important planet in our photo voltaic system. Jupiter outshines Saturn by some 16 instances. Actually, Jupiter is shining at -2.6 magnitude now, almost as brilliant because it will get. Jupiter ranks because the 4th-brightest celestial physique to gentle up the heavens, after the solar, moon and the planet Venus, respectively.

Saturn reaches opposition in August 2022

By the best way, August 2022 is the very best time this yr to view Saturn. It reaches opposition on August 14, 2022, when Saturn’s disk spans 8.79 arcseconds. Saturn is straightforward to identify because the brightest star within the dim constellation of Capricornus. Additionally, you may see Saturn’s rings utilizing a small telescope. The rings at the moment tilt 13 levels towards Earth. We’re glimpsing the northern aspect of the ring aircraft. Saturn might be highest within the sky round midnight.

For extra nice observing occasions within the coming weeks, go to EarthSky’s night time sky information

Backside line: Catch the waning gibbous moon between Saturn and Jupiter in a single day on August 12-13, 2022. Jupiter rises round 10 pm native time. You’ll be able to spot the trio all night time till daybreak.

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