What distinguishes Saturn from the remainder of the planets in our Photo voltaic System are the majestic rings the planet has. These rings are so outstanding, they’re seen from newbie telescopes as effectively. The planet certain will get a regal look on account of it. However what’s stopping from all planets to have such a hoop? dimension? Saturn is a big planet in our Photo voltaic System. However so is Jupiter, in actual fact, Jupiter is larger than Saturn, then why it doesn’t have Saturn-like rings?

A current examine from the College of California, Riverside (UCR) throws mild on the rationale why Jupiter doesn’t have Saturn-like rings. Findings of this examine had been reported within the journal Planetary Science.

UCR astrophysicist Stephen Kane led the examine alongside along with his pupil. Collectively, they ran a simulation. Into the simulation, they fed data about orbits of Jupiter’s 4 moons and the orbit of the planet itself. Additionally they fed details about how a lot time it takes to type rings across the planet.

Kane discovered that the rationale why Jupiter couldn’t type Saturn-like moon was its moons. Jupiter has 4 most important moons that had been found by Galileo.

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We discovered that the Galilean moons of Jupiter, certainly one of which is the biggest moon in our photo voltaic system, would in a short time destroy any massive rings which may type,” Kane stated.

So based mostly on this analysis, it may be stated that Jupiter didn’t have Saturn-like rings even in its previous.

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